Please visit my LinkedIn profile for testimonials regarding my consulting services. I’m grateful for my exceptional colleagues.

I deeply appreciate all the community leaders who have supported my campaigns since 2004 and who have endorsed my election and re-election.

Many thanks to those who endorsed my most recent Goleta School Board re-election campaign.

In late 2017 I began preparing for a County Supervisor campaign. I received overwhelming support with more than $100,000 in early campaign contributions and over 100 early endorsements. Sadly, my father’s health took a turn for the worse and I needed to end the effort in late February 2018. It was incredibly hard to make that decision, but I knew that if I ended it quickly, I would be able to return every donor’s full contribution, and I did. To this day, I remain grateful to all those who supported my early campaign and my family and me when we had to stop.