Welcome! I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the families of the Goleta Valley as an elected school board member. The Goleta Union School District (GUSD) serves almost 4,000 students in the Goleta Valley, a community of approximately 90,000 people that includes the City of Goleta and a large unincorporated area. The mission of GUSD is to maximize academic, intellectual, and personal growth in order for each student to prosper in, and positively influence, a diverse and dynamic world.

I'm proud that our district has greatly expanded early childhood education, music, art, technology, fitness, and hands-on science programs, and enacted systems to ensure financial stability and growth during my service on the school board.

We raised test scores dramatically for all demographic groups and retained small class sizes during challenging economic times. We provided laptops to every teacher and Chromebooks to every student in grades 3-6, and coupled that with a thoughtful plan for instructional technology and a scope and sequence with specific technology goals for our students.


I graduated from Stanford University where I studied computer science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence and have a law degree from the University of Chicago Law School.


With two decades of experience in managing people, process and operations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, I find it rewarding to help businesses and agencies run more effectively. Success results not just from partnering with executive teams and managers, but also authentic participation and input from those most impacted, to ensure that programs and practices are aligned with strategic goals. Teaching government and journalism in a public high school provided me with a deeper understanding of the classroom needs of students and teachers.


As a parent of two children, my commitment to public schools has only grown stronger. I value family involvement and input in children's education.


As your representative, I listen, encourage diverse and meaningful participation, ask questions, respect others, and conduct business with honesty, efficiency, and integrity.

It’s been a pleasure to serve you. Thank you!


Susan is a social entrepreneur, a civil rights attorney, an early AI researcher, and an educator with more than 20 years experience developing and implementing impactful strategies and programs in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. She has successfully built and managed diverse teams, engaged stakeholders, leveraged technologies, led proactive policy formation, and managed financial systems. Susan excels in partnering with executive teams and managers to ensure that programs and practices are thoughtfully aligned with strategic goals. She is also a community leader who is active in advocating for the needs of children and seniors and in promoting public health, public safety, and environmental sustainability. Please join her in working to ensure our community is fiscally sound, safe and healthy, and that we support services for our youth and seniors, and protect our open spaces and our coast.